knightSteel Knight Designs…If you can dream it, I can create it.  Artwork and functional pieces of unparalleled uniqueness in the mediums of metal, stained glass & wood.

I was born in California in October, 1964.  My mother, grandmother and myself moved to Oregon 35 years ago.  Salem is so well positioned.  You can drive to the mountains or the coast in about an hour.  I like that, because I am never far from the sights and sounds that inspire me and it helps me remember what’s important.

I have been blessed with two wonderful children, Molly 16, and Max 13, their outlook on life & opinions are a constant source of happiness and inspiration!

During High School I had just about every art class imaginable, but never did much with it after graduating.  I later participated in Chemeketa Community College’s two year automotive program…a far cry from where I am now.

I have been making art full time for about 3 ½ years now, but the fire to create has been burning for a long time.  I want to create works of art as diverse as is possible, from the small and whimsical to the large and serious, and everything in between.  I work primarily in the medium of metal, but often add stained glass or wood for a sometimes subtle and sometimes stunning effect.

I truly believe art is a very personal thing, whether it is the person creating it, or the person acquiring it.  Art touches you deeply and compels you to move…to touch it, look at it, and appreciate something within yourself.  Due to my cutting and grinding techniques, it is impossible for any two pieces to ever be identical.  All work is done by hand, these are not stamped out nor are they produced with a water jet or laser cutter. 

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I hope to hear from you soon!  Have a great day!